Getting Started

Use RightSignature public APIs to integrate electronic signature with your application/ existing business processes. Try out these REST APIs to prepare document (input data from your application), prepare forms, share documents and templates for electronic signature and remind the signatories.

Start by following these 3 steps:

  1. Purchase an Advanced plan or contact an API specialist to obtain a trial account with API access. Trial accounts do not provide API functionality by default.
  2. Once on the appropriate plan, log into your RightSignature account to request an API key and manage your API credentials.
  3. Once you have an approved API key, use the Private API Token, along with the Client ID and Client Secret, to sign your API requests. Learn about OAuth option here

API rate limits

  • 60 document send calls per minute
  • 240 document send calls per hour

For v1 APIs document send calls per minute and document send calls per hour rate limits are 10 and 40 respectively.