What's New in API v2

Citrix RightSignature now supports higher document transaction volume through public API. Utilization data against the rate limits is also now available as part of the response from the endpoints. The new rate limits are:

  • 60 document send calls per minute
  • 240 document send calls per hour

Upgrading from API v1 to v2

It is very simple to use the new version – V2 of public API. Existing users can replace the “V1” in your endpoint URLs with V2.

  • No required parameters/ responses have been changed, making it very simple to migrate from V1 to V2.
  • Future enhancements to the public API will be made on V2 only.

The higher rate limit has been ensured by making the relevant event processing asynchronous. As part of it, only for the below mentioned case, there will be a minor change in the way “document_preparation_url” will be received.

If you want the owner of the document to Prepare it (taking the preparer to the web-app) and share for signature follow these steps:

  • Use POST/public/v2/sending_requests/:id/uploaded with "prepare_document" param set as true. Find more
  • Wait for “creating_document” status on "callback_url" provided, to get the “document_preparation_url”.
  • Alternatively this status can also be obtained by polling the GET /public/v2/sending_requests/:id. Note: The “document_preparation_url” will be null for all sending requests except for documents in draft (pending to be sent for signature) state.

Further Enhancements in API v2

  • Use merge_field_identifiers to map merge field values to the template before sharing for signature. If the template version changes complete re-mapping can be avoided. Currently you would be using ID to map the fields to values, which results in an overhead to re-map. Know more
  • You can now enable KBA on documents sent through public api. Set the new kba parameter to true to enable KBA on both resuable templates and sending requests. Click on the following links to know more. reusable templates, sending requests.

Below is a sample set of scenarios and the relevant endpoints with higher rate limit support.

Scenarios and the relevant endpoints
Scenario Changes
Send document with tags Use

1. POST /public/v2/sending_requests
To get the upload URL and

2. POST /public/v2/sending_requests/:id/uploaded
To create sending request

3. GET /public/v2/sending_requests/:id
To return the processing status of an existing Sending Request
Prepare and send document Use

1. POST /public/v2/sending_requests
To get the upload URL

2. POST /public/v2/sending_requests/:id/uploaded
And wait for the following status on the call back URL provided, to check the status or wait for updates if callback_url is set.
Status: “creating_document”
To get the "document_preparation_url" and

3. GET /public/v2/sending_requests/:id
To return the processing status of an existing Sending Request

Share template Use

1. POST /public/v2/reusable_templates/:id/prepare_document
To Prepare a document to be sent from a Reusable Template

2. POST /public/v2/reusable_templates/:id/send_document
To Clone and send a Document from a Reusable Template